Collared Crow

Collared Crow (corvus pectoralis)

Description and Distribution

The collared crow is a distinctive corvid with a white nape and breastband. They are found throughout eastern China’s farmlands, extending as far north as Beijing and as far south as Hainan and even Vietnam. Their numbers are steadily decreasing and the species is listed as vulnerable, with no conservation or protection plans in place currently.

Ecology and Behavior

These crows are adapted to farmland and lowland river valleys, though in Hong Kong they also reliably appear in wetlands. They eat mostly small invertebrates, crabs, mollusks, insects, and human refuse, relying less on carrion than other crows.

Evolutionary History

Corvids developed in Central Asia and then radiated out to North America, Africa, Europe, and Australia, though not much research appears to have been done on the phylogeny of these crows in particular. Hopefully we get to learn more about them before they all disappear.