Little Ringed Plover

Little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius)

The little ringed plover is a small plover found throughout Eurasia. They breed in temperate areas of open gravel and freshwater shores in from Europe to Siberia, and winter in central Africa and southeast Asia. There is also a resident population in India and the Southeast Asian Peninsula.

Little ringed plovers are small with greyish-brown wings, a white breast, and a black neckband. They also have a black band around the eyes and above the forehead, and their eyes have a yellow ring around them.

Juvenile with Breeding Adult

Interestingly, it has successfully colonized part of England and Wales due to the creation of man-made habitats such as gravel pits, making it something of a conservation success story there.

They hunt by sight, picking off crustaceans and worms from atop gravel pits, mudflats, and shores.